Invest with Purpose

REM Soluciones

With over 13+ years of experience, we provide facility solutions, focused on clients who require high priority in their operations and the confidence of a trusted business partner. 

We provide:

∙        Cleaning
∙        Landscape Maintenance
∙        Maintenance
∙        Fumigation
∙        Specialties: Clean rooms, sealing, disinfections.
∙        Supplier and project management
∙        Front Desk
∙        Others: Office Assistants/receptionist


∙        Focus on core business activities
∙        Reduction of operating costs
∙        Development of warranties and labor law
∙        Risk reduction 
∙        Fixed prices for budget setting (financial efficiency)
∙        Support for additional services 
∙        Flexibility in operational human resources development
∙        Search for complementary solutions
∙        Decentralization of functions improving productivity
∙        Increase in quality

Unique with a customized solution development system to support customers, procurement and maintenance of third party contracts for the complete integration of everything required for your industry.

We provide our services under conditions of quality, sustainability and capacity. You can rest assured that the complete maintenance of your facilities will be taken care of in the most efficient way.

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