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Industries are evolving and regulatory frameworks are expanding. At LARA LEGAL CORP we can assist you in navigating the ever changing landscapes of emergent industries and technologies.
Lara Legal Corp is ready to host you and your business endeavors in both traditional and upcoming sectors. This is the full service firm you need to get started, expand or consolidate.
We are an independent team of professional attorneys with both local and international presence.  Our main objective is to offer integral solutions that fulfill our excellence standards. We have multidisciplinary professionals who will offer you cutting edge results regarding all your legal needs.
What makes us special?  We are a full-service firm committed to helping and solving our client’s needs in all aspects of their operations.  Having said this, our practice and experience focuses on non-traditional up-and-coming legal industries such as white-collar crime, fintech and cryptocurrency business, regulatory compliance, international tax planning, AML/FT compliance, and cannabusiness regulatory compliance.

Our firm was established in 2014.  However, our attorneys have over 40 years of experience in each of their corresponding professional fields.

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Up & Coming Industries

White-Collar Crime Defense 

Fintech Regulation

Blockchain & Crypto Compliance
International Tax Planning

AMLFT Compliance

Cannabusiness Regulations

Traditional Legal Areas

Timeshare Ownerships

Criminal Law
Corporate & Commercial Law
Real Estate Transactions 
Civil Litigation

Family or Immigration Law
Free Trade Zones Incentives

Awards & Recognitions:
  • CFCS Financial Crime Specialists 
  • AMLFT Compliance 
  • Financial Market Compliance 
  • World Compliance Association 
For more information, visit our LinkedIn profile.

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