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INGENYA - Project Management

We are Ingenya
We have been providing design, project management and site selection services for more than 20 years.
We specialize in companies from the industrial sector, which gives us a deep level of insight with regards to your specific needs and allows us to incorporate them from the initial stages of the Project design.
When our clients require analysis in order to define the best site to build and develop their operations, our services begin even prior to the construction stages. Having identified the right location, we support our clients throughout the Design and Construction stages.
Our work methodology is focused on establishing a close link with our clients, so that we can perform management activities based on their real needs, taking on a leadership role and actively coordinating activities.
Our Project Management services start prior to construction with an in-depth analysis, and provide a comprehensive approach encompassing the following areas:
●       Project Programming
●       Project Sizing
●       Code Analysis-regulatory analysis
●       Site Schematics
●       Preliminary Due Diligence
If you are experiencing challenges with selecting the right site to develop, in carrying out the feasibility analysis, or in leading the various stages of your project, we can help you with your company’s investment or reinvestment process in our country.
As an extension of our design consulting services, we also provide construction management services, always focused on protecting our clients’ interests.