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We get your company closer to the human talent it requires. We provide training and language evaluation solutions that bring your company to the next level. Idioma Internacional has been a strategic partner with companies, NGOs, and governmental institutions for more than 20 years.

Our Services

English Programs

There are four distinct options for our English programs which can be adjusted to your needs, requirements, work population, and budget.

  • General English: this program is for students who are starting to learn the language.
  • Business English: this program focuses on business English for students with a level of B2+ or above.
  • Conversational English: this consists of short sessions where the emphasis is on building speaking fluency and conversational skills.
  • Specialized English: these courses and workshops are focused on improving specific skills within the English language.

BELT Tests

The BELT test is a flexible, trustworthy, and scalable level test designed to help those in charge of Human Talent to evaluate, filter, and assure that their applicants and collaborators have the required English level for the position. There are currently three languages available: English, French, and Portuguese.

For more than eight years, BELT has been the official test for the CINDE Job Fair and for Job Link.

Education to Employment

Thanks to our efforts in partnership with the Costa Rican government, we have been able to train thousands of young professionals in English with the end of helping them join the labor market. Your company can be a part of this project and have access to the students who graduate from the program at a B2 level or higher.

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