Invest with Purpose


ICC is a firm specialized in providing project and construction management services, with a 20-year track record of leading projects to a successful completion. Our portfolio represents a total construction area of more than 6MM ft2 valued in more than $500MM.

The independence to the project´s production duties (design, engineering, procurement, construction) allows us to execute our management task with an objective mindset, always driven by our core values (Pasion, Honesty, Responsibility and Empathy) and permanently enhancing team work.
Our fundamental purpose is to generate peace of mind to our clients' through our highly knowledgeable team, who manages projects based on the industry best practices to achieve the project´s goals and objectives.
We acknowledge that the projects that we manage are only the mean to achieve a business strategic objective, so we integrate and become an extension of our clients' organization to obtain clear guidelines for managing and leading the projects. Our involvement includes a full engagement in the project´s complete lifecycle (Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction phases).
Our client base includes leading local corporations, multinational companies, Fortune 500 companies, government institutions, real estate developers, as well as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT´s). 

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