Invest with Purpose

Grupo Semans

GRUPO SEMANS is convinced that, through the LABOR WELL-BEING of all our collaborators, we have achieved work environments free of discrimination, labor harassment, and sexual harassment, ensuring that the staff enjoy decent employment in full use and enjoyment of all their labor rights.
We are experts in office cleaning, food industry, institutional cleaning, HI-TECH companies and others.
We have become a service facilitator for the growth of our business partners.

  • Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Timely customer service
  • Presence throughout the country
  • More than 23 years of experience in Free Zone
  • Proactive staff
  • We adapt to customer requirements
  • Commercial alliances with high added value
  • Follow-up on the services offered
  • Highly trained and happy collaborators
  • Excellent corporate image
  • Careful selection of personnel
  • Bilingual administrative staff
  • Internal communication via radio: collaborator-coordinator-client

  • Carbon Neutral Certification
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  • Costa Rica Essential Certification
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  • CONAPDIS Certification

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