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Grupo Florex

Being experts in cleaning, disinfecting, and the creation of specialized eco-friendly service products, is what marks us as Grupo Florex. We offer specialized cleaning services for workspaces, food production sites, biomedical industries, high-tech facilites, institutions and many more companies. Our business goes further back than just implementing cleaning products, we are responsible for the conceptualization and creation of said items. Our own investigation and development laboratory specializes in the creation of chemical and biotechnological cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing formulas that we manufacture and distribute in local and international markets. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, a workforce of more than 900 people nationwide and top of the lane work equipment, combine with our vast expertise in disinfecting techniques we ensure the best cleaning experience for our clients. Through all our processes and projects our teams make sure to work with the best and most recent sustainable and socially responsible practices. We analyze the life cycle of our products, including the recollection of used containers for recycling and transformation into new bottling, and equal labor practices for women and people with disabilities. 

Therefore, we are your best ally in cleaning and disinfecting subjects. Our services range from advisory in cleaning plans, to cleaning services, including critical areas and clean  rooms, that require a higher level of expertise. We work with you in products already developed that are in need of validation, analysis of product efficacy and in the creation of tailored formulas specifically made for your needs. From now on, for any subject associated with cleaning, know that Grupo Florex is there for you. 

Awards & Recognitions:

  • ISSA
  • Programa Ambiental Naciones Unidas
  • Pacto Global
  • ODS 
  • He for She
  • WEConnect International
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