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Edificar, TI Enabler

Edificar was founded in 1984 since then has built over 3 million square meters, for all types of projects, with prominent projects in the hospitality and medical industries.

Edificar goes well beyond being a conventional construction company, it is an advisor to its clients, involving most of the time in the pre-construction process. Also, adapting to the new challenges of its industry, the company has developed a strong experience in the bidding process for “Design-Built” projects as a coordinator and builder.

One of the main pillars of the company is being at the forefront of technology, with its in-house and externally-sourced developments for: the management, planning and monitoring of projects; management and contracts for subcontractors; virtual preconstruction and construction using the latest BIM technology and multiple support tools.

Since was founding Edificar has managed a series of core values based on the highest standards of ethics, service, technology, and protection for its workers and the environment, that´s why has been certified by the current certifications ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and Carbon Neutral.

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