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Davivienda Costa Rica

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Davivienda Costa Rica

Davivienda is a regional bank, focused on providing the best digital experience of banking products for treasurers all around the world, and 
their employees based in Costa Rica.

Our expertise is based on liquidity management, payment technologies and FX solutions that makes easier the work of treasurers interested on leveraging nearshoring, to add value to the operations. We are also proud of our payroll benefits and tools, with them, the company employees and the HR team have a bank supporting their operational needs, and financial growth opportunities.

We have a portfolio of global and regional subsidiaries as clients that belong to the telecommunications, healthcare, services, manufacturing and food industries. Allowing us to understand the working philosophy of global subsidiaries, which has excellence in service, top notch products and the ability to interact with headquarters at its core. 

Contact us and we will explain how our solutions are engineered to fulfill the needs of global subsidiaries.  We are able to make the start of operations in Costa Rica, as easy as possible.

We are here to help you!

Awards & Recognitions: 

  • Dow Jones Sostenibility Index
  • Plug and Play (Silicon Valley): Innovation 
  • Bandera Azul (11 offices)