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Clean Construction

Since the early beginnings of the 21st century, Costa Rica has seen an increasing demand for Industrial Facilities oriented to the production of Life Sciences and Technology related products. It was this industrial growth that motivated us to create Clean Construction, a company tailored for the dynamic industry that requires the development of facilities with Clean Environment Rooms. 
The company was formally established in 2011, based on years of experiences from our founders with the firm intention that Clean Construction would become a leading company in this specialized market; a goal we accomplished with success. 
Cleanco, as we are known around the industry, has been working ever since to offer knowledge and experience in the construction of projects with high-performance Clean Room Environments.
Our Services include:
Design & Build
D&B is a key service in our portfolio. We have been able to develop a working network with high-performance firms and commercial partners to offer a high-quality service. With D&B the client can focus on efficient decision making over the processes of design and construction, with the certainty that the risk and handling of the entire process relies on us. This type of service is ideal for Fast Track Projects.

We construct under different types of contracts for Costa Rican and international corporations. Our services are focused on Clean Environmental Rooms and all the required support areas for a comprehensive operation of the facilities. The different types of contracts include by Administration, by Lump Sum, and by Turnkey Contract. 
Project Management 
If our scope is limited to a specific construction branch, we can work as managers of the other different construction units in your projects. Usually this service is a plus over the construction service we provide as General Contractor.  
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