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Arquitectura y Diseño

Arquitectura y Diseño was founded by Architect Jose Luis Salinas in November 1993. Aiming to turn Arquitectura y Diseño in an architectural firm that would transcend time and contribute to build the contemporary silhouette of the new San José.  In time, architects Silvia Contreras, Ricardo Molina, Manuel Trejos and Jorge Montenegro joined the firm.
Betting on Heigth
Since late 2000, the firm Arquitectura y Diseño initiated the development of high-rise buildings both nationally and internationally.
In 2003, A&D founded Grupo Inmobiliario del Parque, a marketing and trading platform that positions itself as a leader in high-rise project development in Costa Rica

In 2005, Condominio Vista del Parque was built, like the first mixed-use project that promotes urban renewal of the San José.

Breaking Paradigms
At the end of 2012, A&D inaugurated the 29-story mixed-use project Torres Paseo Colón, Costa Rican tallest bulding, combining housing, office and retail spaces and giving a fresh new urban view to San José. Torres Paseo Colón is internationally known for being included in the “Best Tall Buildings Awards 2013”, book published by CTBUH in Chicago, USA.
Architectural Legacy
The impact of the firm’s recent architectural proposals generated an urban renewal in La Sabana and Paseo Colón, San José's main commercial axis. In 2013, the firm raised the standard again, building the second phase of the Paseo Colón project, a 30- story residential tower, over 102 meters tall, which is actually the first skyscraper in Costa Rica, a milestone of the city for many generations to come.

Principal Fields of Expertise
High-Race Towers -Residential-Financial Services-Retail-Hospitality-Workplace.

Our Services
Architectural Design-Interior Design-Space planning-Feasibility Studies-Cost Estimates-Rendering and Modeling-Coordination Engineering Consultants.

 Local Experience
Local vision of project needs-Creative and functional space solutions-High performance spaces-Image development in the architectural process.

Board of Directors
  • Ricardo Molina President and Construction Director-Arch.
  • Silvia Contreras General Manager and Design Director-Arch.
  • Jose Luis Salinas Senior Project Director-Arch.
  • Manuel Trejos Technical Director.-Arch.
  • Jorge Montenegro Construction permits Director and Senior Project Architect.