Service Providers

American Data Network

American Data, with more than twenty years of experience providing Internet and telecommunication services to businesses, in Costa Rica and other countries. 

Using the latest available technologies to ensure the best results and the most reliable solutions.

Our services:

  • Internet over Fiber Optic for Businesses: we deliver fast, secure and reliable Internet service for your business. The best alternative for your company, always improving and growing our networks to deliver our services to more areas.
  • Wireless Internet: our infrastructure allows us to deliver service in most of the Costa Rican territory. The combination of this network together with our Fiber Optic network guarantees the best uptime for your services.
  • WIFI Service: this consists of a managed service, where we use the latest technology. We design and implement your WIFI network so that you can have the best coverage in your facilities, including monitoring and proper maintenance to ensure optimal wireless network performance.
  • VoIP Services: we provide a wide range of products such as physical or virtual telephony systems, for any size of the company. Thanks to our telephony as a service model, it becomes easier to integrate different offices, local or remote, reducing costs and without the need to invest in expensive systems.
  • Private Data Lines: thanks to the stability in our services, we provide the safest way to transmit and receive information within your corporate network, locally and internationally.
  • Data Center: American Data has a properly conditioned data center with everything you might need to host your equipment, including remote hands service with 24x365 availability.
All of our services are well known for their high-quality standards and stability. We monitor every single service 24x365 and provide technical assistance under the same availability so that we can help your company with any requirement, always on time.

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