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Light Manufacturing Sector

A talented workplace for

precise production

More than 4,000 products exported
to more than 150 trade partners

Hundreds of companies trustus

These are a few stories of companies that have relied on Costa Rica to boost their operations and take advantage of the unique abilities our people have:

  • Bekaert
  • Rawlings


Started operations: 2014Sector: Light Manufacturing Country: Belgium

Transforming steel wire and applying advanced coating know-how. That is what Bekaert does flawlessly.

Headquartered in Belgium, the company has been improving both the bulk and surface properties of steel wire products for over 130 years to become a leading business in this industry with more than €4 billion in annual sales. Thanks to Bekaert’s technological support and global presence in EMEA, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, customers can benefit from a strong commitment to local service, delivered by over 27,000 employees worldwide.

A combination of technological leadership in wire transformation of over 2.8 tons per year, and focus on innovation; provides customers with a broad range of high technological products and solutions for various sectors such as automotive, construction, energy and utilities, agriculture, consumer goods, equipment and basic materials.

Bekaert was looking to expand its presence in Central America to better serve its markets there. It found a great hub in ArcelorMittal´s steel wire plant in Costa Rica and acquired 73% of the shares of this entity. In August 2014, the company also inaugurated a new state-of-the-art facility in Orotina, about 40 minutes from San Jose, dedicated to producing Dramix® which is one of Bekaert´s most innovative products for concrete reinforcement.

Bekaert was able to have this new operation fully functional in less than half a year. Although the country has strict environmental regulations, the company managed to ensure full compliance. Valuable and open support from the local government or municipality, as well as other institutions, allowed them to complete all installation processes and permits in a record 3-month time.

Bekaert also found talent acquisition locally to be an easy process. “Costa Rica has an excellent educational system, our recruitment process has been very successful. We have found good engineers in Orotina and Esparza and have seen that Costa Ricans have a great attitude, they are very committed and willing to learn” said Mr. Simon Pineda, General Manager for Central America & Caribbean.

The company´s location, which is less than 20 minutes from Caldera Port in the Pacific, makes its logistics processes easier, cost-competitive and provides quick access to its core markets. "Our relationship with the port authorities is great, it´s actually one of the best port services we´ve ever encountered" added Mr. Pineda.

Orotina is also located outside of the Greater Metropolitan Area, which provides enhanced tax incentives to companies establishing in those areas. Bekaert is able to leverage those benefits and perceives them as a good sign of the open and friendly business environment that Costa Rica has to offer.

For more information on Bekaert:


Started operations: 1987Sector: Light ManufacturingCountry: United States

Rawlings has been “in the game” since 1887. With an assortment of baseball, basketball, football and many other game-related product lines, Rawlings is present everywhere team sports are played. As the Official Baseball Supplier and Official Helmet of Major League Baseball®, the official baseball for the NCAA®, the Official Uniform Provider of USA Football and Team USA, the official football for the NAIA®, the official basketball for the NAIA, NJCAA® and AAU®, and the approved baseball, basketball, football and softball of the National High School Federation®, Rawlings dominates the industry with innovative new products, enabling serious athletes to reach their full potential and achieve peak performance.

As part of Jarden International since 2007, Rawlings has been able to leverage its parent company´s diverse portfolio of innovative, world-class products including Oster, Coleman, Marmot & Yankee Candle, to gain a global presence.

And yet, the world's only factory authorized to supply Major League Baseball, sits in the town of Turrialba in the central Atlantic region of Costa Rica. Rawlings Sporting Goods moved its factory to Costa Rica from Haiti in the late 1980s because of political turmoil in the Caribbean island and driven by the famed stability that Costa Rica has preserved for over a 100 years.

For the Costa Ricans, each ball is a result of hours of stitching by hand. Because the balls in a professional game rapidly get scraped by the bats or get lost in the crowd its life is only about 3 o 4 pitches so the Costa Rican facility works hard to supply over 2.4 million baseballs a year to meet the needs. Rawlings has maintained its tradition of Costa Rican sewing for almost 30 years because of the detailed and high quality, skilled labor that the country offers.

It has also taken advantage of the Costa Rica´s attractive free zone tax incentives. The cork and rubber cores, Tennessee Holstein cowhide and gray New Zealand sheep's wool yarn are shipped tax-free to the plant, and once the ball is finished it is boxed and shipped to Miami.

Rawlings has recently started to further diversify its operations in the country, introducing a manufacturing line for their Lacrosse rackets. It has also taken advantage of the local English speaking talent to serve the company´s toll free line, thus incorporating additional business functions.

Through its products, players and partnerships, Rawlings is unquestionably The Mark of a Pro™ and Costa Rica is focused on being its partner for success.

Here’s the full list of currently active companies in this sector:

construction materials

  • Bekaert

  • Cemex

  • Euroconcretos

  • TMG Manufacturing

  • Yellow Pallet



  • Kimberly Clark


logistics & distribution

  • Aceros Laminados


packaging products

  • Gualapack

  • Greif


real state

  • Concentrix FTZ

  • Grupo Guerrero



  • SAE A. Trading

  • Hilos A&E

  • Gildan

  • IKOR

  • Rawlings

  • Relaxtech

  • Proquinal