Invest with Purpose

Quantum Free Zone

Quantum Free Zone is a brand new state-of-the-art industrial park located less than 5 km from the APM Mega Port in Moin, Costa Rica. With the first phase of development spanning over 42 hectares, Quantum FZ offers space in both customizable multi-tenant buildings and build-to-suit pad sites that are ready to meet the needs of the investor and can accommodate any type of industry, including industrial manufacturing. Our Master Plan is LEED v4 certified and the park will be built with sustainable building practices that are endorsed by the Green Building Council.

Quantum FZ is centrally located in the Province of Limon directly off the newly expanded Route 241 that intersects with the main highway connecting Limon to San Jose, known as Route 32. This allows for a short commute to all major points of interest, including the APM Mega Port, the Port of Limon, the Port of Moin, and downtown Limon City. 

Park Features


When the new electric train, TELCA, becomes operational, Quantum Free Zone will have its very own train spur located at the rear of the park. This will enable tenants to load and unload containers of their manufactured goods inside the park and securely transport them to the port for on time shipping. It will also facilitate the commute of employees living in downtown Limon and its surrounding suburbs to and from the Quantum FZ. 


Whether an investor needs a 1000 square meter multi-tenant space or a 10 hectare lot to custom build a manufacturing center, Quantum FZ can provide our investors with a space that perfectly fits their specific needs. Our architects and engineers are on standby waiting to assist with design development and permitting, while our construction and administration teams will ensure that your project is built to first world standards. All investors will benefit from on-site utilities and up-to-date permit letters.  This will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to receive government authorizations to commence construction. While our LEED v4 designation will provide several pre-approved points towards our investor’s LEED certification.

Park Services 

Along with the most attractive tax exemptions in the world, Quantum FZ offers all the amenities found in a first world business park. We offer an abundant supply of fresh municipal water, tri-phase electric, and redundant fiber optic cables for WiFi and communications. 


Quantum FZ is one of the most secure facilities in Costa Rica. We have a private security team that monitors the entire park 24/7, both virtually using high resolution cameras, as well as physically making rounds in electric vehicles. Investors can rest assured knowing that security is one of our top priorities. 

Social Justice

In every opportunity, Quantum FZ strives to transform the lives of the people of Limon who have been historically underrepresented in the growth of the Costa Rican economy. We understand that there is a huge opportunity to make a positive impact in this community. That is why as a company, we pledge to hire local contractors and provide incentives for our investors to source their labor locally from within the Limon community. With our hire local commitment, our project can provide a much needed pathway of true upward mobility to the people in Costa Rica who need it the most.