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Rola Architectonics

Rola Architectonics is your best source of decorative materials for commercial, industrial, and office centers. Our wide variety of finishes and designs will definitely help you achieve the look and quality desired for the project, no matter how particular it could be.

We work as a general contractor, offering our customers a complete service, which includes the architectural assessment, the provision of materials, and the final installation.

Rola Architectonics can enrich the appearance and aesthetics of your project with functional and decorative window films, all kinds of materials for wall coverings, internal and external signage, and latest generation materials such as bioelectric material.

Choose Rola Architectonics and receive the aid of a professional company able to provide a comprehensive service.

We specialize in the production of building outdoor corporate signs in various materials with corporate colors with lights if required.

For internal signage we also offer a variety of materials such as aluminum, acrylic, PVC, and other materials with braille language if 

Among our portfolio of products, we work with the main brands of wallpaper made in the USA, offering a wide variety of designs and textures, all with certificates of eco-friendly materials that facilitate the obtaining LEED certification

These products are commonly used and recommended by interior designers, architects, contractors, building managers, facilities personnel; mainly applied in hospitality projects, medical centers, offices, call centers, stores, and educational facilities. 

We can offer textured digital wallpaper for 100% custom projects with 100% high-resolution digital printing. If you need advice on interior design or graphic design we can help you with qualified personnel.

Additionally, we handle decorative glass films designed for all types of residential, industrial, corporate, and call centers environments, with a wide variety of designs. Designs can be customized with corporate colors.

Our product portfolio also includes architectural wraps, which can be applied to many 2-D and 3-D surfaces, from metal elevator doors to curved surfaces. Installation is simple and fast, so any disruption to regular activity is minimal. The superior flexibility of the sheets allows you to smooth them on angled surfaces without the need for special equipment or cutting. We offer a variety of designs and colors.

For all our projects we offer an installation service. We can ship our products nationally or worldwide.

We give a multilingual service in spanish, english, french, and german.