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P y P Construcciones (PPC)

For more than 33 years, we have developed a respected general contracting company, inspired by a personalized attention to our clients which privilege excellence and timeliness in all of our projects. 
We are committed to provide an experience beyond expectations, based on our quality standards and values of integrity and dedication.
We have the personnel and expert knowledge to achieve outstanding results on every project.
Our Lean culture is catered from our corporate office to our field projects, ensuring always our core values of collaboration, respect for people, continuous improvement, efficiency and value creation.
We are always eager to share our Lean journey, ready to partner with IPD or IFOA frameworks. From operations to management we have in-house expertise that keep projects Lean from start to end.
Our services include a wide range of sectors with successful experiences in Life Science and Technology, Food Processing, Banks and Service Platforms, Industrial, Healthcare Facilities, Office, Resorts and Residence Buildings. 

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Awards & Recognitions

Cámara Costarricense de la Construcción

GTR Leaders in Trade

World Confederation of Business