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EY, Labor

Our lawyers work in an integrated manner with professionals from other service lines of EY’s business, including Tax, Strategy & Transactions, Consulting and Assurance, to deliver the integrated and value-added services that our clients expect.

We represent multiple multinational and regional clients -including numerous Fortune 500 companies- that operate on a diverse spectrum of industries.
Advisory specializing in employment, workplace relations and social security:

EY Law’s expert team in Labor Law holds vast knowledge in the various challenges that may arise between the parties to a work relationship, including pre- and post-contractual stages. We also provide practical and efficient advisory involving recommendations complying with current laws, the specific industry and context of the country, through comprehensive, multi-disciplinary solutions.

Training: Constantly promoting the updating of each company’s ·       internal employees on several labor-related matters.

Diagnostics: On site diagnostics to verify compliance and alignment of internal practices with the legal system through automated tools to send a base diagnostic of identification of key risks to be managed.

Social Security: Support with requests of registration of employer or independent worker, request of issue of additional payroll, advisory on compensation and benefits matters and their proper reporting to social security, representation on administrative proceedings and requests for agreements or payment arrangements.

Employment advisory: mergers and acquisitions, transactions and restructuring of entities, management of solidarity associations, adequate management of personal data, discrimination claims, handling of sexual or work harassment cases.

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