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Chaverri Soto Abogados

Our firm was founded in 1977 by Danilo Chaverri, a lawyer with a large legal and political trajectory, who served not only as a former Minister of the Presidency, but also as a President of the Congress of Costa Rica. Since then and now a days, Chaverri Soto Abogados has become a solid firm standing out by providing personalized and highly efficient service to our clients, either national as foreign.

Through these years, we assisted prominent national companies from the moment of their foundation up to their successful insertion in the international markets. We also advised transnational corporations in their incorporation in Costa Rica's market up to accomplish great victories in our economy. We grant to our clients a comprehensive assistant and advisory, from the start of the companies to the daily needs, including complete labor advice composing agreements, guidelines and ruling policies that every organization should have according to the national regulations; also we provide tax, corporate, and commercial advice; staff's migration assistant; bureaucratic and administrative paperwork; conciliation, arbitrage; and every step in at court process.

We also assisted manufacturing and services Free Zone companies to their duly registrations at such Regime.  We have modified the scoop of the Free Zone Regime according to each company request, and we have advised in the foundation and transformation of Industrial Parks at the Free Zone Regime.

A comprehensive consultancy to the organizations is our specialty, having experience among service companies, medical laboratories, education services from preschool to higher education, manufacturing, building industry, real estates, property development, software and IT, also chemical, petrochemical, and agrochemical industry; and we have been representatives in the country of important international brands protecting the intellectual and industrial property. Those are some areas that constitute our client's profile. 

We have wide experience at the notary level, considering that we keep 15 years of trajectory as external notaries of entities in the National Bank System, providing a responsible team to resolve with efficiency our clients' request.

Our specialized work is supported by the loyalty of our clients, who continue requesting our services through all these years, some have more than 30 years with us.