Invest with Purpose


AED promotes Responsible Business Conduct. We work with companies identify their negative and positive impacts and to design innovative solutions for a better contribution to sustainable development. 
We help organizations solve the environmental, social and governance issues that we face as country and planet. These issues are complex so AED creates networking opportunities to exchange good practices, tools and knowledge for creating common solutions. We help your business accelerate your sustainability path. 
Some of the sustainability challenges go beyond one to one advisory with companies. AED also works with public sector and NGOs to achieve some of the systemic changes that are needed.  
How we work:
Business:  We work with companies in order to design and implement sustainable businesses strategies.
Networking: We bring companies together to exchange good practices and design common solutions (either thematic, sectorial or geographic approach). 
Advocacy: We promote business leadership as a transformative agent in Costa Rica´s sustainability challenges through alliances. 
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