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Construction, Architecture & Design


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Costa Rican company with more than 14 years of experience in the fields of engineering and architecture. Primary focus: design of construction projects, under a blueprint of quality, cost and adequate time management. Ingenya consolidates several disciplines, including architecture, civil/structural engineering, and electrical and mechanical engineering.

The company's structure is flexible and stresses one point of contact, which allows for adequate technical assistance and a multidisciplinary approach that translates to functional, profitable projects with a high aesthetic value.

Identification of client requirements and effective programming to address said needs, allows for a balance between cost, quality and a project's timeline.


New buildings’ design: Offices, Commercial, Industry, Technology, Hotels, Education, Residential, Mixed Use

Industrial plant retrofit and relocation

Project designs for plants in process

Architectural design

Structural Engineering

Design of clean rooms

Air conditioning, controlled temperature and humidity, compressed air, vacuum, steam systems

Highly reliable electrical systems

BMS systems (communication, automation and control)

Civil infrastructure planning and development


Site Evaluation
Construction Plans
Final Receipt of Project
OUR CLIENTS: Arthrocare, Boston Scientific, Unilever, Microprocesor company, Belén. Riu Hotels, Porcina Americana S.A., Pozuelo, Dos Pinos, Hologic, Glaxo Smith Kline, Kraft/Mondelez, Sardimar, Taco Bell, Subway, Dataformas, Matra and others.


Project Design
Construction Plans
Project Inspection
Special Services:

Ingenya has implemented a proprietary methodology for remodeling and renovation designs for industrial plants. This system incorporates tools developed by the company – a product of accumulated experience with this type of project.

Construction Design Matrix:
Architectural Program:
Design of Redundant Systems
Analysis of Weak Points
Capacity Matrix
Energy and Resources Conservation


“Professionalism, rigorous compliance with timelines, quality and competitive cost make Ingenya, in my opinion, the best choice. This is a company with very stable personnel, who achieve continuity between distinct projects. This translates to a direct advantage to the client, since it not only allows for better understanding of, but also foreknowledge of our needs and expectations. Ingenya has an interesting opportunity in the marketplace, and that is in the area of energy savings and clean technologies – it's a niche they should really take advantage of.”

Eng. Cristian Ramirez
Project Manager
Boston Scientific

“Ingenya fulfilled its philosophy of Cost, Quality and Schedule at our company. Their service, treatment and professionalism are superior; when you work with Ingenya you employ a company that has high work standards and is committed to its clients. They have been a great support during all stages of our project… they are very capable professionals.”

Eng. Martin Ondjian

“After exploring our options in many corners of the world, including Ukrania, Argentina, Colombia and the United States, we chose to develop our project with the Ingenya Consortium-AD Solutions. From the very first day, we realized that it was the best decision we could have made. They have been vital to ensuring that our project moves forward without setbacks, is on time, and stays within our planned budget and parameters.”

Eng. Ronald Rodríguez
Porcina Americana S.A.

“Ingenya has been a mission-critical partner for us at Arthrocare. Their versatility, quality of service and technical depth allow them to generate quick customer value in a vast array of applications. Specifically Ingenya has been our one-stop-shop contractor for corporate engineering services ranging from post-earthquake structural assessments, architectural/electrical/mechanical design and construction management.

The great results we've had with Ingenya have made our partnership evolve to such a level that, on the verge of our 240,000 sqft expansion, we consider them an extension of Arthrocare engineering and our peer reviewer of choice. For corporations with relatively low construction project frequency, partners like Ingenya provide real time and top notch engineering services without the need for a large and underutilized in-house construction staff. As for their customer service and responsiveness, Ingenya is always just a phone call away”

Andrés E. Salazar
Vicepresident, Operations | General Manager
ArthroCare Costa Rica

We have been working with Ingenya since the beginning of 2008 on a resort development Project near Brasilito in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The first phase of this project involves a 183 guestroom, 64 condo Hyatt Hotel. Michael Graves & Associates are the architects responsible for the design and Ingenya is the local Costa Rica architect, responsible for the construction drawings, permitting and construction execution.

We have found Ingenya to be a thoroughly capable, responsible and professional firm to work with. They have been a great partner for us.

Patrick Burke

“We have worked with Ingenya since 2007 on our hotel project in Guanacaste. The first phase included a Hotel Club with 701 rooms, and the master plan spans 4 more hotels and more than 2,000 additional rooms. Ingenya is the local engineering and architectural firm we chose, and is responsible for the plans, construction permits, and technical direction. Ingenya has been responsible and professional in all their responsibilities. They have gone beyond their responsibilities to help us meet our goals. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.”

RIU Hotels & Resorts

“Ingenya has become more than a provider – they are a strategic partner for our company. Our teams recognize and value the strength of their management, regarding adequate time management, exchange of technical know-how, professionalism, and quality. Ingenya has been able to internalize the guidelines and needs specific to Pozuelo, in order to generate optimal solutions at the right price, and that respond to established corporate policies.
At our company, we consider them to be a key ally for the future, with specialized knowledge and whose results and positive attitudes have helped magnify new projects. We are sure that this alliance will allow us to continue building profitable businesses that are mutually beneficial.”

Santiago Builes M
Director of Operations